selling solar homes during covid pandemic

Selling a Phoenix Home During COVID-19

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How the Coronavirus Affects Solar Home Sales in Phoenix While real estate activity has dropped during the stay at home orders, real estate happened and continues to happen even while the coronavirus continues to dominate the news headlines. Given the global pandemic, the reality is that people still need to buy homes and people still […]

Do Solar Leased Panels Add Value To My Home

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While there is anecdotal evidence to support the claim that solar leased panels will add value to a home, most real estate appraisers in Phoenix will look at the attached solar panels as personal property and not as a fixture to the Phoenix home.  However to say that solar leased panels do not add value […]

Selling a Home With Solar Leased Panels in Phoenix

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Solar leases can help enhance the marketability of a home over similar homes without solar. With the right marketing and promotion of a home for sale with a solar lease, a seller can sell their home quicker, with little to no hassle, and potentially sell for more than other typical homes without solar in the […]

What Happens to your Solar Payments After a Foreclosure?

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The topic of conversations surrounding real estate have taken a dramatic turn as the talk shifted from a booming real estate market into conversations about short sales, foreclosures and a drop in market activity. In the last 3 weeks alone, real estate inventory has spiked almost 40% while sales in the Phoenix area have started […]

Truth About How Solar Leases Affect Sale of Home in Phoenix

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Click here for the guide to solar lease transfers – detailed step by step instructions, information on key documents Throughout the Phoenix market, many real estate agents have unfounded objections and limited experience in helping home owners sell a home that has a solar lease. Often times these real estate agents spend their time trying […]

Solar Home Buying Worksheet

Should I Buy a Home With Solar Already?

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I am often asked by prospective buyers if I think that a home with solar is a good buying option. While every real estate class that I have ever attended always emphasizes that the buyer should decide for themselves, I would be remiss without giving my two cents opinion on a particular situation. I mean, […]