Do Solar Panels Add to Value of My Home in Phoenix?

Do Solar Panels Add Value to My Phoenix Home?

Driving up and down the streets of Phoenix, one can see the how ubiquitous solar is becoming throughout the valley.  Many Phoenix area home owners have installed solar knowing that solar panels add value to a home.  Each month they enjoy the electric savings from their solar. However the question remains, “How MUCH does solar increase the value of a home in Phoenix?”  This solar question becomes really important to the Phoenix solar home owner that is wanting to know how much more their solar home in Phoenix will sell for.

To answer how much value solar panels add to a home in Phoenix, it is important to know as much as possible about the solar system and the home itself in order to determine how much your property value has increased due to solar panels.  Ownership of the solar system, size of the solar system in kilowatts (kW), age of the solar equipment all play a crucial role in determining how solar adds value to your Phoenix home.

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