June 15

Phoenix Solar Home Sale Statistics June 2020

Solar home sales in Phoenix continued to decline in May by another 6% and accounted for only 5.6% of the total resale home sales in Phoenix (7% in April).

There were a total of 324 solar home sales with a median price of $345,000 (slightly higher than April). Homes with solar leases accounted for 195 of those sales while solar owned systems accounted for only 129 sales in May.  The median price for owned solar homes was $395,000 while leased solar homes was $319,900—both up from the previous month. The median price for a single family home in Maricopa county was $305,000, down sharply from the $335,000 the previous month.

Meanwhile the average resale home in Maricopa county took 34 days to sell in May. Solar homes took 39 days (36 for leased solar and 40 for owned solar).

Meanwhile, activity for housing throughout Maricopa county is active. The number of active listings is on a steady decline since the end of March, even with a slowdown in new listing activity and lower buyer demand. Homes are still selling within days and weeks, not months while the average sale is 99.4% of the asking price. Buyers are buying and sellers are able to sell at these prices.



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