Selling a Phoenix Home During COVID-19

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selling solar homes during covid pandemic

How the Coronavirus Affects Solar Home Sales in Phoenix

While real estate activity has dropped during the stay at home orders, real estate happened and continues to happen even while the coronavirus continues to dominate the news headlines. Given the global pandemic, the reality is that people still need to buy homes and people still need to sell homes. This holds true for Phoenix real estate. People are buying homes in Phoenix and people are having to sell their homes in Phoenix.

While there still remains the need for an effective vaccine and therapies (as of the writing of this article), home sellers do not have to take unnecessary risks to sell their homes. The following are recommended guidelines to minimize exposure risk while maximizing the marketing of your home in Phoenix.

Solar Open Houses

No longer are the Saturday or Sunday open houses where random strangers can come walking through an open house, as recommended by new standards of practice. Instead, open houses have gone virtual. One component that has been a main staple in my marketing program is the Matterport 3D virtual tour. This allows anyone to virtually walk through a home at their pace, explore the different rooms, and see your home whenever it is convenient for them (see below).

Assuming the buyer is content with the 3D virtual tour, the second step is a limited access showing where I tour the home myself and walk the buyer through the home through a video conference call.  In this scenario, I will wear a face mask, disposable gloves, and shoe coverings. I will ask the seller to turn on the lights, open the cabinets and doors, and leave while I am there to limit what I touch and who I am in contact with.  This limits the number of people in the home while giving a real time viewing of the home for the buyer.

If the seller limits the showings to virtual or limited in person showings only, the buyer will typically be able to view the home during the home inspection period. Even then, the home will be sanitized before and after the buyer’s visit to limit exposure for both the buyer’s and the seller’s benefits.  Additionally, signs will be posted throughout the home reminding buyers to not enter if they exhibit any symptoms or have been exposed to infected individuals within the last 14 days.  Additional signage placed around the home becomes a useful tool to also promote many of the features that the home has, details of specific areas, and information about areas that are not readily visible (such as added blown-in insulation for example).

In-home showings should be limited to a few people as possible. We try to encourage that no more than 4 people attend a showing. When they do visit, much like the limited access showings mentioned earlier, buyer and their agent should wear face masks, gloves, and shoe coverings while limiting what they touch throughout the home.  Sellers are advised to turn on the lights and open cabinets/doors throughout the home (to avoid unnecessary contact). After the showing, sellers are encouraged to thoroughly wipe down and sanitize the home

Virtual Solar Marketing

With the limited access and ability to view homes in person, it is more important now for sellers to have the right marketing plan in place.  Marketing a solar home is more than just a sign out front and a MLS listing in the computer. Focused on the why, marketing needs to shine, especially why someone should buy your solar home. People are hesitant when they do not understand the benefits and one key aspect of any good marketing program for a solar home focuses on clearly explaining the benefits of your solar.  Your marketing should be more than just a copy of a utility bill when you have solar, especially if you own your solar outright. Are third party certifications incorporated into the marketing, such as Pearl Home Certification, Solar Home Score, and other tools that demonstrate the benefits of your solar home? If not, they should be.

Are you thinking of selling your home? Call Rob Madden, Phoenix’s solar home real estate broker that specializes in the sale of solar owned and leased solar homes throughout the Phoenix area. He can be reached at 480-888-1234.




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