Selling a solar home with a solar owned PV system in Phoenix

Phoenix solar real estate

Many home owners and home buyers in the Phoenix area look at a solar owned system as the gold standard for solar homes in Phoenix.  A solar owned system is a solar photovoltaic system that the home owner purchased and bore the cost of installation without the limitations of a monthly lease payment or 20 year contract for solar power.

Solar owned systems allow for enhanced marketing of a home over other properties for sale in the neighborhood as well as an increase in value in the property since the solar array is a fixture on the home and not personal property like a solar lease.

For a solar home to sell in the Phoenix real estate market, several factors must be taken into account before a typical buyer will sell.

First, it is important to hire a Realtor that is trained and experienced in selling solar-focused properties. Can the agent effectively explain the benefits of solar to potential buyers? Does the agent have specific solar-focused marketing strategies that educate potential buyers to the benefits of solar? Does the agent take additional steps to mitigate potential disclosure issues and protect their seller from them? Does the agent take the steps to simplify the transfer process from the seller to the buyer before the home goes on the market? Does the agent know how to respond to the misconceptions and falsehoods while responding to it with a fact-based answers?

Second, has the seller/real estate agent priced the home effectively for the market?  While solar does provide for a bump in value, will the increase in price affect the time it takes to find a home buyer and make the other homes in the neighborhood more attractive if they are priced lower than the solar home?

Third, has the seller addressed first-tier variables that buyers focus on before considering a home with solar? In other words, is the home priced well, show well, and is staged to sell? Regardless of how much savings that a solar lease will provide, the typical buyer will still look at first-tier variables such as price, condition, and location when choosing their next home. Solar systems tend to fall into the second-tier search criteria (as well as efficiency, layout, cosmetic condition of the home, etc).

The Solar Home Broker’s solar-focused marketing includes providing information on education potential home buyers of the substantial savings that solar can provide now and in the future, show them how effortless and hassle-free it is to have solar on the roof, and re-assure the potential home buyer that the cost now will save them thousands in the future as the typical electrical costs continue to increase while their fixed cost lease remains the same.

The key to selling a home with solar is simple…hire someone that understands the solar benefits and knows how to market the home properly, illustrate the cost savings of the home against the existing inventory of homes for sale as well as the showing potential buyers the short-term and long-term return from solar.

Make sure you have a competent and qualified Realtor working for you that knows the ins and outs of solar.  Fortunately, the Solar Home Broker is a licensed and solar trained Realtor in the Phoenix area that can help you sell your solar home.  Call Rob Madden, the Solar Home Broker, at 480-888-1234 to set up a free, no-obligation appointment to discuss selling your solar home in Phoenix.