Successfully Selling Your Phoenix Solar Home

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selling a solar home in Phoenix

With 1 in 4 solar home listings failing during the first half of 2014, be sure to follow these steps to successfully sell your Phoenix solar home.

While it is true that 1 in 4 solar home listings in the Phoenix real estate market failed to sell, were cancelled, or taken off of the market, you do not have to become a statistic like the rest of them.  Most of these failed solar home listings are the result of poor marketing, optimistic pricing, and failure to understand both the solar and residential real estate markets.

While there are thousands upon thousands of websites that will tell you how to successfully sell your home in <any> area, what about a solar powered home?  What if it has a lease?  What if it is an owned solar array?  Here are some tips to keep in mind when selling a solar powered home in the Phoenix area.

Show the Savings

One of the key advantages to having a solar array on the roof of your Phoenix home is the fact that you are generating your own electricity and saving on your utility bill each month.  Part of your marketing plan should include a cost benefit savings report that details not only the monetary benefits of solar but other benefits like the impact your home has on the environment (i.e. how much less CO2 your home produces because of solar).  As a home seller, it is important that you provide your utility data showing usage before you had solar and the utility bills since you have had solar.  For a buyer, seeing is believing.

Focus on the Local Market

While solar can add thousands to the value of your home, your local real estate market will have a significant impact on the successful sale of your home.  Are prices declining or rising?  Is there a plethora of homes for sale or do properties get snatched up before the sign is in the yard?  Is it seasonally a slow time of the year to sell?  Understand how the market is playing out and the variables that will influence the sale of your home.

It’s Not All About the Green

While solar can truly be an important aspect of your home, most area home buyers focus on first tier variables when looking for a house.  First tier variables include the size of the home, the price, the location (close to work, particular school district), number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and lot size.  Solar is a second tier variable that a buyer will consider after a home meets the primary search requirements.  Second tier variables are often instrumental in a buyers decision to make an offer on a home and are important in the marketing but don’t forget the other variables as well.  There may be other variables that will attract a buyer to your home so be sure to have a well rounded marketing plan to maximize all of the positive features of your home, not just the solar.

Work with a Phoenix Solar Expert

Not all real estate agents are the same.  While it does take a certain amount of training and licensing to sell a home in the Phoenix area, no where in the typical course material are solar electric homes mentioned.  Fortunately for you, the Solar Home Broker has taken the initiative to learn about green, sustainable, and solar homes.  As both a certified Eco-Broker and a National Association of Realtors GREEN designee, I have trained in the different aspects of selling a solar home in Phoenix, including how to market a solar home, how to handle disclosure and contract issues that are often overlooked, and how to protect my clients throughout the sales process.  Be sure to read up on how disclosures, financing, and inspections can affect the sale of a solar home to learn more about how I can help you sell your solar home.

Call the Solar Home Broker at 480-888-1234 to set up a free, no-obligation appointment to discuss selling your solar home in Phoenix.


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