Who Was Top Solar Company for Solar Resale in Phoenix?

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top solar installers in Phoenix

Well I have had a chance to analyze the solar home sales data for the month of August a little closer.  The question that I asked myself was, “Which solar installer in the city of Phoenix had the highest number of home sales for the month?”  In other words, out of all of the resale solar homes that sold in the month of August, which solar installer installed the greatest number of solar systems on those homes?

Honestly I would like to do it for the entire valley but each city has a different reporting system to access and not all of them allow you to access their systems online to find out when the system was installed and who installed the solar panels.  So if I can’t search the entire valley, why not start with just Phoenix, right?

Looking through the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS), I pulled up all of the resale solar homes in the city of Phoenix and cross referenced those properties with the solar permits used to install the solar system on the home.  Based upon those numbers, our big winner for the month of August is SolarCity.  SolarCity installed 42.9 percent of all of the solar systems on resale homes in the city of Phoenix during the month of August, 2014.  Other companies represented in the data include Arizona Energy Pros, Green Fuel Technologies, and American Solar Electric.  There were more but they represented solar companies that have already gone out of business or ones that I have never heard of.  Well there you have it.  SolarCity was the top solar installer for resale solar homes in Phoenix for the month of August, 2014.

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