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Phoenix Solar Home Specialist

Rob Madden, Phoenix's only solar home broker specializes in the sale of homes throughout the metro Phoenix area that have solar...owned solar, leased solar, prepaid solar, and financed solar.

Need to sell a solar home?

Rob is a 28 year real estate broker that specializes in:

Pricing Solar Homes

If you're selling a home with solar, pricing it correctly can be difficult. But don't worry - Rob is here to help you get the most value for your solar home in Phoenix. Whether you own your solar system, prepaid for solar on your home, or have a leased one, he'll make sure your home is priced effectively to maximize your profit.

Marketing Solar Homes

Using custom solar home marketing focused on your home buyer on the benefits of your solar system, such as net metering advantages, grandfathered rate plans, and utility savings compared to non-solar homes in your area. You can be rest assured that your solar home will be marketed effectively and attract the attention it deserves.

Handling Solar Transfers

Solar lease transfers start well before the home even sells and end well after it sold. Buyers have to qualify, the escrow agent has to remove solar liens and UCC-1 filings, and you have to be removed from any liability. With his expertise, you can avoid potential pitfalls and ensure a smooth and successful sale. 

Don't underestimate the value of a Realtor who understands solar - it could make all the difference in the sale of your home.

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Not all agents specialize in solar

Selling a solar home in the Phoenix area?  Need a Solar Realtor that specializes in solar homes in Phoenix? Is it a leased solar system or do you own your own solar system on your home?  Phoenix’s solar home broker can help you every step of the way…from pricing your Phoenix solar home for sale to using cutting edge solar marketing strategies to attract Phoenix solar home buyers.

Rob Madden is the Phoenix Solar Home Broker that can help you sell your Phoenix area solar home.  The Solar Home Broker is your Phoenix Realtor that has worked with solar home sellers that have monthly solar leases, prepaid solar leases, and solar owned systems on homes.  

As an experienced Phoenix Realtor and real estate broker, he has helped solar home sellers in the Phoenix area find home buyers through aggressive solar marketing strategies as well as taking advantage of traditional, internet and visual marketing techniques.  

The Solar Home Broker understands some of the new intricacies with purchase agreements and has developed custom solar contract and solar disclosure forms to help both the solar home seller and solar home buyer in the purchase process.  Furthermore, the solar home broker understands the value of solar, whether it is a solar lease or a solar owned system, and how that affects the value of your home.

Phoenix Solar Home Broker and solar specialist

If you are selling a solar home in the Phoenix area, trust the home sale to the one that understands how to sell a solar home from start to finish – Rob Madden, Phoenix’s Solar Home Broker – a licensed Phoenix Realtor and real estate broker that is experienced and understands solar in the Phoenix area. Call 480-888-1234 today!

Listed and sold solar by the numbers from Green Leaf Realty

Customers served! 510.00 kW Listed & sold in Phoenix area
Customers served! 510.00 Annual kWH produced
Customers served! $ 510.00 annual Utility savings from solar

What is your solar home worth?

Solar power can increase your home’s value. Let me show you what it is currently worth in today's Phoenix real estate market.

Phoenix Solar home specialist

How to Sell Your Solar Home

  • 01 - The basics

  • 02 - Solar lease transfer

  • 03 - Solar loan transfer

  • 04 - Added value from solar

Selling a solar home in Phoenix requires specialized knowledge because of its distinctive features and benefits. Choosing an expert in solar home sales is essential, as they offer guidance throughout the process, from gathering vital solar installation data and highlighting the solar advantages to facilitating seamless transitions of solar perks and addressing frequent inquiries, ensuring homeowners achieve the best value and a smooth experience.


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