Phoenix Solar Calculator: The Power of the Kilowatt Hour

Solar Calculator – Watt’s your kilowatt number?

Phoenix basks in the glory of sunshine, and it’s not just about golden sunsets and tan lines; it’s about turning that abundant sunlight into power and potential property value. For home sellers with solar rooftops, understanding the significance of the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) isn’t merely technical jargon—it’s a potent tool to determine whether your property will shine in the market or cast a shadow over potential sales.

Why the Kilowatt Hour Matters

In the grand mosaic of solar power dynamics, the kWh is the linchpin. It’s the unit measuring how much electricity your solar system produces and, crucially, how much it could save or cost a potential buyer. With the APS (Arizona Public Service) time-of-use rate plan, the kWh isn’t just a fixed value; it ebbs and flows based on the time of day and year.

Your Solar Advantage: Breaking Down the Numbers

For homes tapping into Phoenix’s sunlight when compared to APS’ 4pm to 7pm time of use plan:

  • 63% of energy is generated during off-peak hours
  • 14% during super off-peak hours in winter
  • 23% during on-peak hours

Given the varied rates APS offers, this energy generation can translate into tangible savings or costs. For instance, during summer months, the cost difference between on-peak ($0.2978 per kWh) and off-peak ($0.10789 per kWh) is significant. Similarly, the winter months offer the advantage of a super off-peak rate at just $0.03166 per kWh.

How Does Your Solar System Stack Up?

A solar calculator tailored to these local parameters can be transformative. As a seller, inputting your home details and solar specifications will offer insights into:

  • Potential savings for the buyer
  • How your solar setup compares to market expectations
  • Whether your solar system adds value or poses a challenge to your sale

The Buyback Potential: An Added Edge

Here’s a bonus: homes that produce excess energy can benefit from APS’s buyback rates, which range from $0.08465 to $0.129 per kWh. A solar calculator will gauge your potential earnings from this buyback, emphasizing another layer of value to potential buyers.

A Powerful Selling Tool

In a market brimming with competition, knowledge is power. Understanding the kWh cost your solar system offers equips you with the data to showcase your home’s long-term financial and sustainable advantages. It’s not just about having solar panels; it’s about demonstrating their tangible benefits.

For potential buyers, the cost savings and sustainable living prospects can be compelling. By presenting them with clear, data-backed insights, you’re not merely selling a home; you’re selling a vision of eco-friendly, economically savvy living.

To Solar or Not to Solar?

In Phoenix, where the sun generously bestows its energy, a solar rooftop can either be a coveted asset or a debated liability. By leveraging a solar calculator, home sellers can decipher where they stand. The cost per kWh your system generates will either bolster your sale, positioning your property as a cutting-edge, eco-conscious haven, or pinpoint areas for improvement before listing.

Ensuring your home’s solar system is an asset rather than an Achilles’ heel is essential. Dive deep into the kWh dynamics, harness the power of a solar calculator, and illuminate the true value of your Phoenix home.

To find out your cost per kilowatt hour, input your information below:

Using Your Cost per Kilowatt Hour

Using your number above, is it costing you more or saving you more:

  • during ON PEAK hours (from 4pm to 7pm)?
  • during OFF PEAK hours (7pm to 4pm)?
  • during SUPER OFF PEAK hours (10am to 3pm during winter months) kick in?
  • if you have to sell excess electricity back to APS?

Remember, even if you are receiving a check back from APS each month as a credit on your bill, what is the cost of it? If it costs you, for example, $0.15 to generate a kilowatt hour of electricity that you end up sending back to APS because you didn’t use it, what is your buyback rate? $0.08465 per kilowatt hour? That is a net loss of $0.065 for every kilowatt hour you send them. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

On the other hand, if you own your system free and clear, none of this matters because the savings are there each month.

If you have questions on whether or not your solar will affect the sale of your home, give me a call at 480-888-1234 and let’s discuss it.

About the author, Rob Madden

Rob Madden is an experienced real estate broker in the Phoenix metro area, having worked in the industry for over 28 years. He has helped many home buyers and sellers navigate the local real estate market, and is considered a trusted expert in the field. Rob is committed to making the buying or selling process as seamless and straightforward as possible for his clients, and provides hands-on assistance at every stage of the transaction. In his free time, Rob enjoys being a Scoutmaster for a local Scouts BSA troop, hiking, backpacking, photography, and playing pinball.