Solar Homes Continue to Outpace Phoenix Real Estate Market – May 2024

Phoenix’s Solar Home Market in May 2024: A Detailed Analysis of Trends and Economic Impact

As the Phoenix housing market moves from spring into summer, the solar home sector continues to showcase distinctive trends that differentiate it from the broader market. This past April, we’ve observed nuanced changes in pricing, sales volume, and market dynamics that provide deeper insight into the state of solar home sales. With environmental consciousness on the rise and economic factors at play, solar homes in Phoenix are not just a niche market but a significant part of the housing landscape.

Current Trends in Solar Home Pricing and Sales

In April 2024, the median price for all solar homes in Phoenix rose to $496,500, marking a decrease from $499,450 in March. The specifics of the market, however, reveal more detailed shifts:

  • Owned Solar Systems: Homes with owned solar systems saw an increase in median price to $585,000 from March’s $562,500. These homes remain highly valued, suggesting that homeownership combined with solar capabilities is highly sought after due to the long-term savings and independence from utility companies.
  • Financed Solar Systems: The median price for homes with financed solar systems decreased to $442,500 from $452,000. This decline may reflect changing credit conditions or buyer caution in a fluctuating economic environment.
  • Leased Solar Systems: Homes with leased solar systems experienced a slight decrease to $439,000 from $449,500, indicating a steady interest in more affordable solar home options.
  • Prepaid Solar Lease Systems: The median price for homes with prepaid solar leases saw a significant adjustment to $573,975 from $608,675, possibly due to their perceived long-term value and the elimination of ongoing lease payments.

Comparison with the Broader Market

The median price for all resale homes in Phoenix was $450,000, which is slightly less than the median price for solar homes, reinforcing the premium that buyers are willing to pay for solar features. The broader market saw a mild increase from $444,945 in March, indicating steady growth across the board.

In terms of sales volume, 652 solar homes were sold in April, accounting for 9.3% of the total resale volume. This represents a significant segment of the market dedicated to environmentally friendly living solutions.

Historical Context and Year-over-Year Changes

Comparing year-over-year data, the median price of solar homes has increased by an impressive margin from April 2023, significantly outpacing the general market’s growth. This robust appreciation reflects the increasing valuation of solar technology in residential properties. However, the volume of solar homes sold has experienced fluctuations, suggesting market dynamics influenced by various factors such as economic conditions and buyer preferences.

Market Health and Economic Indicators

Phoenix’s housing market remains tight with just above 17,000 units available, up 39% from last year, yet still limited in the context of growing demand. With a supply of just 2.4 months, the market conditions favor sellers, keeping competition high among buyers. Foreclosure rates remain low, indicating a healthy market overall.

Mortgage rates have stabilized around 7%, still higher than the preferred 5% or lower, which continues to impact buyer affordability and seller willingness to list properties. The economic outlook is cautiously optimistic, buoyed by controlled inflation and the potential for interest rate reductions by the Federal Reserve, which could invigorate the market further.


As we analyze the solar home market in Phoenix in April 2024, it’s clear that these homes are more than just an eco-friendly option; they are a significant and growing component of the housing market landscape. With their ability to attract higher offers and close at rates above non-solar homes, solar properties offer compelling value, both in terms of real estate investment and environmental impact. Looking ahead, the solar home market in Phoenix is poised for continued growth and evolution, shaped by technological advancements, economic factors, and increasing consumer demand for sustainable living options.

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