Selling Your Solar Home in Arizona



Shining a Light on the Myths About Solar Homes

You’ve heard it often – real estate agents whispering that solar panels make selling a home in Arizona trickier and slower. But hold on a minute, is there any truth to that? Well, not really! It turns out, many of these agents might not fully understand how to showcase the fabulous pluses of a solar home to possible buyers. So, why are some Phoenix solar home owners choosing these agents, who see their energy-saving solar setup more like a hurdle than a selling point?

Tackling the Why and How of Solar Benefits

Here’s the scoop – the agents might not know how to talk about solar homes in a way that gets people excited. Maybe they don’t quite get how solar technology works or perhaps they don’t realize all the cool perks you’ve gotten from your solar system since you installed it.

Experience Talks: Shaping a Pro-Solar Selling Strategy

In the 30+ years of working in real estate, with a good 12 years zeroing in on selling solar homes in the Phoenix area, there’s been a lot of learning and understanding about how to do it right! After seeing what works (and what doesn’t!), I have crafted a 7-Step plan to make sure your solar home gets the top-notch value it truly deserves.

Stepping Up the Solar Game: Empowering Buyers and Agents

With a specialty in solar and knowing all the ins and outs of energy efficiency, it’s clear that many buyers are being led by agents who might not be able to tell them about the awesome benefits and advantages of going solar. This 7-Step plan swoops in to fix that, educating both the buyer and the real estate agent and showing how your solar setup will save them bucks on their electric bills each month.

Picking the Right Guide: Don’t Settle for Less!

Want to know the secret sauce to selling your solar home in Arizona? Get the right solar real estate agent on your team BEFORE you put your home on the market! Even though loads of people manage to pass the real estate exam in Phoenix, not all of them know the special details of selling a solar home. Don’t let your home be a practice round for an agent who’s still figuring things out!

Avoiding Pitfalls: Navigate the Sale with Confidence

Choosing an agent without experience in solar homes could mean stumbling into unnecessary mistakes and waits while they try to learn on the job. Your home, and indeed your wallet, deserve better than being a learning experience for someone else!

Championing Solar Sales with Certified Expertise

As a certified EcoBroker and GREEN Realtor, plus being certified in energy auditing from the Building Performance Institute (BPI), there’s a lot of know-how in selling homes that have all sorts of solar setups, whether leased or owned. And the goal is to use all that expertise to help you!

Let’s Illuminate Your Path to a Successful Sale Together!

Ready to talk about how to get your solar home sold in a way that truly values its worth? Dial 480-888-1234, and let’s chat about putting your solar home in the spotlight, ensuring it attracts buyers who will appreciate its true value!

About the author, Rob Madden

Rob Madden is an experienced real estate broker in the Phoenix metro area, having worked in the industry for over 28 years. He has helped many home buyers and sellers navigate the local real estate market, and is considered a trusted expert in the field. Rob is committed to making the buying or selling process as seamless and straightforward as possible for his clients, and provides hands-on assistance at every stage of the transaction. In his free time, Rob enjoys being a Scoutmaster for a local Scouts BSA troop, hiking, backpacking, photography, and playing pinball.