Tesla / SolarCity Solar Lease Transfers for Phoenix Solar Homes



Harnessing the Sun, Powering the Sale: Your Comprehensive Guide to Transferring a Tesla / SolarCity Solar Lease in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ, radiates not just with its vibrant desert landscape but also as a hub where homes are empowered by the brilliance of the sun, thanks to solar systems like those provided by Tesla / SolarCity. As a Phoenix homeowner, if you’re considering selling your abode and it’s powered by Tesla / SolarCity’s solar products, you may wonder how to smoothly transfer your solar lease to the new owners. Ensuring a seamless transfer will not only uphold your obligations as a seller but also showcase your transparency and responsibility.

Understanding Tesla / SolarCity’s Solar Lease

Tesla / SolarCity’s solar lease, particularly popular in sunny locales like Phoenix, is an arrangement where you, the homeowner, lease the solar system from Tesla / SolarCity, reaping the benefits of the generated energy while paying a fixed monthly fee. When you decide to sell your home, it’s crucial to navigate the lease transfer process adeptly to ensure a smooth transition for both you and the buyer. Below is your straightforward guide to illuminate every step of this journey.

Part 1: Initiating the Transfer Process

It’s pivotal to kickstart the transfer process as soon as you enter a contract with a buyer (if not before but an experienced solar Realtor will have already advised that). As the system owner, you hold the key to initiate the contract reassignment process. Let’s distill the primary steps:

  • Sign in to Your Tesla / SolarCity Account: Navigate to the energy product you are transferring.
  • Transfer System Ownership: Within the ‘Transferring Your System’ section, select ‘Transfer system ownership,’ entering crucial details like the transfer type, status, assuming party, and escrow details.
  • Comprehensive Communication: Engage openly with the buyer to ensure they comprehend their new obligations under the solar agreement and to answer any questions they might have. Most likely you should have had the buyer sign a solar lease/loan addendum as part of the purchase contract that will contractually obligate them to this process.

Part 2: Ensuring Legal and Financial Compliance

The ownership transfer isn’t merely a physical handover; it involves due diligence in handling the financial and legal aspects:

  • Addressing the UCC-1 Financing Statement: Though not a lien, a UCC-1 financing statement indicates Tesla / SolarCity’s ownership of the solar system. For financing purposes, this may need to be temporarily released or subordinated, necessitating a $150 document processing fee paid by the seller.
  • Handle Final Invoicing: You’ll receive a final invoice within two billing cycles post-Close of Escrow on the home, covering energy produced (for PPAs) or monthly lease payments through Close of Escrow.

Part 3: Navigating Diverse Contract Types

Tesla / SolarCity offers various financing options, and each carries a unique protocol during home sales:

  • Cash Purchases: Directly contact Tesla / SolarCity’s Customer Support team.
  • Third-Party Loans (e.g., Mosaic, Sunlight): Engage with your loan provider to transfer the contract, contacting Tesla / SolarCity post-home sale.
  • Tesla / SolarCity Loans: Connect with the Tesla / SolarCity Finance team at 844-837-5285, selecting option 2.

Part 4: Bridging to the New Homeowner

Post-transaction, the responsibility to inform Tesla / SolarCity about the closure falls upon you, ensuring all systems update to reflect the new owner under the solar agreement. The new owner simply continues where you left off—no restarting of terms, ensuring a seamless transition and consistent solar service.

Part 5: Available Assistance

Tesla / SolarCity’s specialized Property & Title team, laden with real estate expertise, stands ready to assist both sellers and buyers. Once they receive authorization from the initial contract holder, they can share detailed solar agreement information and address queries, ensuring every party is well-informed.

Contacting Property & Title

  • Online Requests: www.tesla.com/realestate
  • Phone Number: 1 (877) 650-7652

A Spotlight on Responsibility

By ensuring a thorough and transparent transfer process, you not only uphold your obligations but also shine a light on responsibility, fostering a trusting relationship with the buyer and ensuring the continued utilization of sustainable solar energy in Phoenix homes.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What can I do with my Tesla / SolarCity solar system agreement if I’m selling my house in Phoenix?

You’ve got a couple of options:

If Tesla / SolarCity owns the system, you can usually transfer your agreement to the person buying your home. They’ll continue where you left off. If you want to check other choices, look at your contract on your Tesla account.

If you own the system, no need to transfer the contract if you bought your panels with cash or used another financier. The warranties stay with the system. Once you sell, tell the Property & Title team at Tesla / SolarCity, so they can update your account.

How do I move the Tesla / SolarCity solar agreement to the new homeowner in Phoenix?

Here’s a simple path if Tesla / SolarCity owns the system:

  • Tell Tesla / SolarCity early: Let the Property & Title team know as soon as you decide to sell.
  • Be clear with buyers: Make sure anyone looking to buy knows about the solar system and its agreement.
  • Inform Tesla / SolarCity about the buyer: Once you have a buyer, make sure they chat with the Property & Title team too.
  • Easy paperwork: Tesla / SolarCity will give you an online form to sign. It’s easy and digital!
  • Make it official: After the home sale is done, Tesla / SolarCity will put the new owner’s name on the account.

If you own the system, no need for paperwork. Just share the new deed with the Property & Title team, and they’ll update the account.

Can my renter in Phoenix take over the solar contract with Tesla / SolarCity?

You can let anyone, like your renter, have access to the account, but the homeowner’s name must stay on the contract. But be careful, because your renter will see personal info like billing details. It might be better to keep the bill in your name and have your renter pay you back.

Does the buyer need to qualify to take over the solar agreement in Phoenix?

If Tesla / SolarCity doesn’t own the system or it’s been fully prepaid, no worries about qualifying. If there’s a monthly payment to Tesla / SolarCity, the buyer can qualify by:

  1. Meeting Tesla / SolarCity’s credit standards.
  2. Buying the home with cash.
  3. If those two don’t work, they can pay a $250 credit fee.

Anything I should think about with the Tesla / SolarCity solar system before accepting an offer on my Phoenix home?

  • If Tesla / SolarCity owns it, make sure potential buyers and your real estate agent know about the solar agreement. You might want to make the transfer of the solar agreement a condition of the sale. Also, think about the buyer’s financier and if they’re okay with a home that has a solar agreement.
  • If you own the system, simply let the Property & Title team at Tesla / SolarCity know and provide the new deed when your home is sold.

Can my Tesla / SolarCity panels’ value be part of my Phoenix home’s price?

If you own the solar system, yes, it can be part of the home’s appraised value. If you don’t own it, it usually isn’t included in the property’s value.

Final Thoughts

As you journey from the contemplation of selling your home to handing the keys to the new owner, knowing that you have responsibly transferred your Tesla / SolarCity solar lease not only amplifies your credibility but also perpetuates a chain of sustainability in the heart of Phoenix. May every sunrise in your new abode bring you as much energy and brightness as your previous Tesla / SolarCity-powered home!

About the author, Rob Madden

Rob Madden is an experienced real estate broker in the Phoenix metro area, having worked in the industry for over 28 years. He has helped many home buyers and sellers navigate the local real estate market, and is considered a trusted expert in the field. Rob is committed to making the buying or selling process as seamless and straightforward as possible for his clients, and provides hands-on assistance at every stage of the transaction. In his free time, Rob enjoys being a Scoutmaster for a local Scouts BSA troop, hiking, backpacking, photography, and playing pinball.