Transferring Your Goodleap Solar Loan When Selling in Phoenix, AZ

Navigating Solar Loan Transfers with GoodLeap in Phoenix, AZ: A Comprehensive Guide

In the sun-drenched landscape of Phoenix, AZ, solar homes are more than just a trend; they’re an investment in sustainable living. If you’ve got a solar loan with GoodLeap and are considering selling your home, understanding the intricacies of the loan transfer process can be pivotal. In this guide, we’ll shed light on the GoodLeap solar loan dynamics and how it impacts home sales in Phoenix.

Understanding the UCC-1 Financing Statement

First, let’s demystify a term that often stirs confusion: the UCC-1 Financing Statement. Many homeowners fear that this is a lien against their homes, but that’s not the case. When you secure a Solar Loan with GoodLeap, a UCC-1 is filed as a lien on the solar equipment itself, not your property. This UCC-1 filing is a means to protect GoodLeap’s rights as your solar system’s financier. It safeguards their security interest against any third-party claims. If queries arise regarding this filing, GoodLeap is always available to address concerns at [email protected].

Selling Your Phoenix Home with a GoodLeap Solar Loan

When you’re ready to bid adieu to your Phoenix home, your GoodLeap solar loan presents two main routes:

  1. Loan Payoff: The majority of homeowners opt to clear the outstanding balance of their GoodLeap loan using the proceeds from their home sale.
  2. Loan Transfer: If the prospective homeowner expresses interest and qualifies, they can assume the responsibility of the GoodLeap loan.

Let’s focus on the latter, given its procedural nuances.

Transferring Your Solar Loan – A Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Communication: Relay your intention to sell to GoodLeap.
  2. Contractual Agreement: The buyer and seller should concur in the property purchase agreement that the loan transfer is a sale condition.
  3. Loan Transfer Initiation: The potential homeowner liaises with GoodLeap to apply for the loan transfer.
  4. Approval: Once the buyer’s credit passes muster, the loan application is greenlit.
  5. UCC-1 Removal: Before concluding the sale, the UCC-1 filing pertaining to the solar equipment must be lifted.
  6. Sealing the Deal: Involved entities oversee the sale’s culmination.
  7. Transition: The buyer takes over the house, continuing with the solar loan payments and reaping the rewards of green energy.

For the buyer, there’s a list of actions to ensure a seamless transfer. This includes understanding the Solar Loan Agreement, applying for the solar loan, liaising with the original solar installer, and more. For the seller, clarity on the Solar Loan Agreement, necessary disclosures, and effective communication with the buyer are paramount.

If You’re Buying a House: Your Step-by-Step Checklist

  1. Review the Loan Agreement:
    • Get a copy and understand the Solar Loan Agreement to know what you’re stepping into.
  2. Fill Out the Loan Application:
    • Complete the GoodLeap solar loan application. Be sure to fill in every section!
  3. Sign and Send the Form of Intent:
    • The Form of Intent is like a promise note to the Seller that you’re interested in taking over the solar loan.
  4. Get the Green Light from GoodLeap:
    • Wait for the thumbs-up from GoodLeap, ensuring you satisfy their conditions for the loan.
  5. Know Your Solar Installer:
    • Ask the Seller about who installed the solar panels.
    • Contact the installer to make sure all warranties will be transferred to you after the loan take-over.
  6. Call Your Insurance Agent:
    • Let your insurance company know you have solar panels on your new home, ensuring they’re covered too!

Remember to Share These Documents with GoodLeap:

  • Real Estate Purchase Agreement
  • Closing Statement (if you’re also selling a house)
  • Loan Estimate on the new mortgage (showing balance, payment, and term)
  • Your recent paystubs as proof of your income

For Sellers: Checklist to Transfer:

  1. Share the Loan Agreement:
    • Ensure the Buyer is aware of the rates and terms of the Solar Loan Agreement they will be taking on.
  2. Disclose Outstanding Payments:
    • If you have any outstanding payments (Voluntary Principal Payment), let the Buyer know beforehand.
  3. Complete and Hand Over the Solar Form of Intent:
    • Complete and sign the Solar Form of Intent, and return it to the Buyer.

Important Note for Sellers: Make sure that your final payment and interest are cleared 5-7 business days before the Close Escrow Date. Sometimes, an additional payment might be needed to give the Buyer a cushion of at least 30 days from the close of escrow before their first payment is due.

In the process, both Buyer and Seller acknowledge that GoodLeap doesn’t control the home sale or closing timeline. They simply facilitate the loan process. To complete the solar loan transfer, the Buyer must be credit-approved, and if the full balance isn’t paid, the transfer can’t be finalized. If the Buyer can’t assume the loan, it will need to be paid off in full.

And that’s it! A simplified step-by-step checklist for Phoenix home buyers and sellers, managing the transfer of a GoodLeap solar loan. If you have any more questions, reach out to Rob directly. Remember, step-by-step, and you’ll sail through smoothly!

Solar homes in Phoenix, AZ, embody a blend of environmental responsibility and savvy investment. With organizations like GoodLeap offering flexible and clear solar loan options, transferring or managing your solar loan during a home sale becomes a streamlined process. Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, understanding the nitty-gritty of GoodLeap’s solar loan structure can pave the way for a smooth home sale and ensure continued harnessing of Arizona’s abundant sunlight.

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